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Is there a way to access code of default components of grasshopper? This is purely for learning purposes, to get a grasp of how ienumerable works, etc...

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Although it's still a valid question, I understood my problem with ienumerables ;) I had to use GH_ParamAccess.list and DA.GetDataList to solve boolean union.

Hi Matas,

Grasshopper is not open-source, so the code inside the native components is not publicly available. You can use a disassembler like Reflector or ILSpy to look at the code (Grasshopper is not obfuscated), however do note that this is an explicit break from the license agreement and therefore illegal.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Thanks David, it made things clear. Let's keep components closed ;) Good luck!

If there is a between the lines subtext here then this extract below is from David's blog "I eat bugs for breakfast" Obfuscation, fear and loathing. which you might find useful in interpreting his previous post.

Another objection is that obfuscation removes any possibility of useful exploration. “Useful” to legit users and authors that is. It can allow power-users to track down bugs and come up with work-arounds without the need for the official developer to fix, re-compile and re-release. It helps plug-in developers to see what’s going on when they rely on your code. It helps other programmers to see what’s going on when you run into problems and need help. These are real benefits and you might be sacrificing them in favour of imaginary ones when you decide to obfuscate

Which side of the line you land on is up to you. I thought I would just give you some more background reading :)






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