algorithmic modeling for Rhino


its me again this time trying to rebuild the contour component and this time  in c#.hehe

also would like to group the contours like with the rhino function.

i askes the same for python some month ago

but decided to switch to c# .

I am not sure if in this case it is possible to group them by putting them in a datatree.

Basically what would be nice put a list item in the output and switch between the heghts of the contours selecting them every time per raw.

i tried to make a start, so if anybody is willed to spend some time and have look(fix it or give me a hint in a direction), would be really apreciated.

Nice weekend all,

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Appears that these #@$#$ sardines are 1M miles away (optimistically speaking)

best, Lord of Darkness, King of SardineLand


Hey Peter,

thanks another time! Will have a closer look at lunchtime.Even if Sardine seems to be far awy, i commenting all your code and its helping me to understand. Thanks for your pacience.Need to practice my catching skills, to get someday these #$&% sardines. Maybe still not using the right technique. But the day will come  and i will hold one in my hands.i hope...

Regards to SardineLandia

Here's the puzzle of the day for the brave (Big Prize: ONE secondhand sardine can, no kidding in pure 15W/50 mineral oil).

Explain this mismatch (85 VS 75):

Moral: life sucks


And this is rather better (a smallish big is fixed as well).




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