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C# Component: Keyboard Shortcuts, More Than One Editor Instance, Missing a Console

I've been getting up to speed with the C# scripting component and have a few questions/suggestions (coming from a GHPython component experience):

1) Does the C# component have any keyboard shortcuts? Specifically for "Run Script". In GHPython you can hit F5 to run the script and Ctrl+F5 to run then close the script. This is great as you do not need to take your hands of the keyboard.

2) In the GHPython editor you can only open one instance of the script editor. This is convenient as you don't accidentally overwrite code in one editor instance from another editor instance. There's also a visual cue representing which editor belongs to which component. Perhaps similar features could be added to the C# component.

3) The GHPython editor has a console out. I personally like this better than having to wire up a GH panel to the out parameter (again, keeping it neat and focused around the editor). Perhaps this could also be considered an option for the C# component.

4) I really appreciate that it is possible to change the editor font (consolas!).

I do realize that there is a larger effort to consolidate the Rhino/Grasshopper scripting environments. However that might be years away, so if there is an "easy/fast" solution for adding these features I'd for one surely appreciate them :)



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1) No. You have to press the Green Arrow button to run the script without closing the editor.

2) They can be added and will be added, though probably not for GH1.

3) We'd like to provide better debugging in the future for all our script components, and the good news is there's a whole bunch of really interesting developments out there that we can probably leech off of. Atom/Electron, Scrawl, Visual Studio Code, Roslyn, .... it seems .NET languages are finally becoming properly supported in code editors.

Thanks David. That sounds very promising, looking forward to seeing how it develops. I'm really liking all these new TextMate/Sublime-like editors, so any potential developments in that direction would be just swell :)






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