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just wondering if anyone can help me out,


right now i have two scrips where i use the attractions points differently and when i try to incorporate the two scrips together i connect one script into the other and the attractor point moves but it the doesn't do what its suppose to. Essentially i have 3 attractor points. Two work fine by simply moving them in rhino which is what i want and the third one is moved in grasshopper with he highlighted slider. The problem is the circles dont moved depending on the attractor point. If anyone can help i would appreciate it very much



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Change your Min components for Max components.


at the moment you are only returning the Input B (1 and 0) value in each case which is very small compared to the size of geometry. I think what you meant was to have the larger of the two inputs and have the value no smaller than 1 and 0 in each case.

thanks Danny,


that worked i completely forgot that i set it to 1...........if you have time i was wondering if u can take  look at this problem now, i am tired haven slept all night figuring this stuff out.........everything works now great the problem now is i have overlapping circles that i extruded and i cant seem to figure out how to connect these two functions to the same points, however i do it there are two types of circles and one functions to one attractor and the other to the other one.....Ive uploaded a file to look at...........thanks again i really appreciate it


Not sure if I follow this correctly, you want the radii from one function and location from the other.

If that's the case then you don't need the original Projected Pts in the circle component. 






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