algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This script is aim to take in a BRep polysurface solid for generating a laser cutting file.
It can handle hollow forms, cantilevering masses and can generally take more complex geometry then the usual section plane-section curve algorithm. This is because of an operation which determines the middle point for notch/slot to happen, instead of the usual fixed height notching.


  • Ideal script to generate massing models for complex geometries.
  • It uses a global coordinate grid to determine cutting plates location, which allows two adjoining form to be baked separately while cutting plates matching across the two form.
  • Best used in mm scale.

This is not a simple script, not intend for general purpose.
The script still relies on solid Boolean operations, thus limited to what Rhino 'can Boolean'.

I'll add more description about the script later when I have more time.
I attached a form testing file, which you can play with some forms that I've sketched.

This is my first post, suggestions and comments appreciated.
Inspired by David Fano's Parametric Truss script.



waffle_20101228.ghx, 1.6 MB is the latest script (hope it works on GH0.8)


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Hi, Thank you for sharing this script! I have some problem to apply this script. I change the material thickness but when it is small than 2, the sections don't work. Can you please help me with that?


I'm having problems getting this script to work in Rhino (both 4 and 5). Can't see where I'm going wrong as I've updated grasshopper and it keeps throwing up an error each time I drag it in.

Provide a screen capture with the errors please.

Hi I am currently trying to replicate the Metropol Parasol design and I have built the overall form as a series of lofts and sweeps now I am at the point where I want to contour them and get the right panels however I have tried all the scripts and I cant seem to get the notching right both in terms of position and depth... If I change the depth too much my x panels disappear.... Help?

Please find attached the model I am trying to cut. I will be building this at 1:1000 so the thickness of the material is roughly 1mm therefore 1 metre in the model. The spacing should be about 2.5m 


apologies this is the actual model


Hey! I'm willing to use your script, but it doesn't work well, may it be because of different Grasshopper versions? what can I do to fix this?


Well, first of all, Thank You.

I loaded the ghx file, and saved it as gh file for you.

I tested it with a simple geometry, it should work now.


great work, thanks man! 

hey victor,

i was using your script some years ago. now, maybe because of a new grasshopper version, im not able to bake the tags next to the slices. have you got a hint for me?

regards, anton

Hi Anton.

I think you have to highlight the tag component. Right Click and Bake or Press Insert Key on Keyboard.

I'm not sure if it bakes into a TextDot Object or Text object in Rhino. As of GH1.0 Text Tag Component in GH makes TextDot objects in Rhino while Text Tag 3D in GH makes Text objects in Rhino

Amazing work !Thank you so much , it is really helpful



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