algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This script is aim to take in a BRep polysurface solid for generating a laser cutting file.
It can handle hollow forms, cantilevering masses and can generally take more complex geometry then the usual section plane-section curve algorithm. This is because of an operation which determines the middle point for notch/slot to happen, instead of the usual fixed height notching.


  • Ideal script to generate massing models for complex geometries.
  • It uses a global coordinate grid to determine cutting plates location, which allows two adjoining form to be baked separately while cutting plates matching across the two form.
  • Best used in mm scale.

This is not a simple script, not intend for general purpose.
The script still relies on solid Boolean operations, thus limited to what Rhino 'can Boolean'.

I'll add more description about the script later when I have more time.
I attached a form testing file, which you can play with some forms that I've sketched.

This is my first post, suggestions and comments appreciated.
Inspired by David Fano's Parametric Truss script.



waffle_20101228.ghx, 1.6 MB is the latest script (hope it works on GH0.8)


Tags: boolean, cutting, laser, lasercut, solid, waffle

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From what I remember previously there are other scripts available. I didn't made one myself. Sorry, try search for it.


I'm trying to slice this model (File attached) but I can't, I ask to a friend who uses Grasshoper, and he told me that it's because the model is a Mesh, and I need a Surface.

I don't know if that's the problem, someone of you can help me with that?

Thanks a lot!


Yep, you can't use this definition to waffle a mesh. You could change some of the components and probably get an equivalent tool, but it would be fairly complex. You might try converting your object to a surface using Rhino (or just rebuild it as a surface or polysurface) then bring it back into GH.


Take a look at the Bowerbird plugin. It provides a waffle component which works with meshes.

Converting the mesh to a surface would make the whole thing slower and inaccurate.


How did you do that!?
I've been like whole days trying to do exactly that, and you just did it in five minutes hahaha.

¿Can you share the Rhino proyect and GH project with me, please?

Thanks a lot!


Here is the Grasshopper definition.

You have to download and install the Bowerbird plugin to use it.



wow, this is great. Was building some things on my own but it's a lot of work and I'm still a beginner.

However, I'm working with the latest build of GH. 0.9.0066 and it doesn't seem to work with it. Any chance that there is a version that works with the latest build?

Thanks Victor, really great job. I hope I can do this on my own someday... 


Hi, thnkz for your script!

I used it to get this script that I made for my students to get an 'all in one' definition that works also on meshes and surfaces. It also can make hollow waffles from meshes, even from complex meshes because I added some (buggy..) code to get rid of the 'overlaps' that occur when offsetting.




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