algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi, I post here links to manual for my 3d cellular automata script. You can find here also ghx file. 


Part one - world generator : 


Part two - using script :

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Now I need some time to optimize it ;] It could be easily done with 4d points, I guess....

very cool!

is it possible to combine the ouput (points) of your CA for creating voronoi pattern,

and so creating the form by changing the type of your CA?

if so, can you explain how to do this?

many thanks!


look at this project:

these forms are based on two dimensional CA, my script calculates 3 dimensional CA. It means that every cell has 26 neighours. 


With my script you can do many things, because it outputs booleans in fact. World generator outputs only 3d grid of points, and this 2 (bools and points) give many possibilities. Culling points with booleans output pattern displays only points that are alive (true). Proximity 3d gives only a good preview on what is happening with CA. 


Voronoi 3d gives structure like "3d ca.jpg"  in my attachments. These are 93 points (true booleans -> alive), but it took quite a long time to calculate it. 


More explanation : ca.jpg






many thanks for the answer!

it will be nice, when you post some "experiment-result"
of your CA def.

naturally when you have enough time and...!
Just to get an idea of what you can make with it.

thanks again!
I wrote this script just to learn some more visual basic, not to accomplish any project ;]
come on. (:

ok, so here is an example ;) : 


1. take points from my 3d CA

2. metaball

3. divide curves

4. rhinoLab mesh from points

5. smooth


i like it. nice. the fluent level.
that would be a design concept with your tool? (:


The fluidity between 'levels' is really interesting. Unfortunately, I am having the same issue as liuchuang688  mentioned below. And this is happening every time I use mesh from points. It seems that it joins points randomly opposite to yours where levels get this smooth connection. Do you somehow sort the points or use mesh from points in steps? :/ Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Andreas.

Hello Mateusz,

Great videos!

I am having trouble opening your even if I save it as a .ghx file.  What version of grasshopper were you using?


probably 0.8.0050 (this is version that I actually use, and this file works fine)






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