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recursion in c#

I can't use method to call itself and collect data from itself. I just can get the last triangle. Thank you!

Started by Cheuck

5 Aug 7
Reply by peter fotiadis

Generate boxes from a random number from a list of points

Hi,  I would like to create a number(random number) of boxes which take random points from a list of points as its origin. the sizes of the…

Started by Nguyen Minh Chau

1 Aug 5
Reply by Sam Samiee

Dealing with arrays/lists with the C# component in Grasshopper 3D

Hi there. New user of Grasshopper 3D here, and I am in need of some C# syntax help for coding in Grasshopper 3D. I have a script, for exa…

Started by Jacky Liang

7 Aug 5
Reply by Tom Jankowski

I have problem with ghpython. help me please.

Hi. Thank you I wanna sorting lines through its angle. So, I used dictionary in python, and tried to make bundles consisted of curves whic…

Started by Jaga

4 Aug 5
Reply by Jaga

What should I do? Python bug?!

Started by RICK BAI

1 Aug 4
Reply by Marios Tsiliakos

Rhino Geometry versus Grasshopper Geometry

Can someone point me to a discussion or reference giving a general overview on why I would want to, or need to, use GH geometry inside a C#…

Started by David Birge

4 Aug 3
Reply by David Birge

Previewing and baking text with Python

Hey Im trying to make a component for previewing text as curves (since GH cant work with text objects) and then bake them as text when a bu…

Started by Jakob Lilliemarck

2 Aug 3
Reply by Jakob Lilliemarck

Unsupported Operand error or bug

Hello,  When I input the values for 'a' and 'b' within the python component the algorithm works fine; however, when I use number sliders s…

Started by Erik Sven Broberg

4 Aug 3
Reply by Anders Holden Deleuran

use grasshopper components in the SDK?

I'm evaluating rhino/grasshopper as a development eco-system for our project, where people with different background and skills can use it…

Started by Wei Pien Lee

9 Aug 3
Reply by Wei Pien Lee

Question about Memory - SDK Fix?

Hello, I have a repetitive task that seems to forever increase my Rhino memory footprint.  The task is pretty strait forward... - (In Rhin…

Started by Craig Long

10 Aug 2
Reply by Craig Long



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