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Iterative Offset for Pocketing in VB - help

I'm starting some work for a 2.5D CAD/CAM definition.  The attached file makes consecutive offsets for pocketing.  It works very well with…

Started by Tuan N. Tran

3 Jan 21
Reply by Morten Ydefeldt

Public Overrides Function CastFrom(source As LIST OF WHATEVER) As Boolean

I'm writing a custom class/goo/parameter and I would like to cast list of objects to one object of mine. Which means I would like my param…

Started by Mateusz Zwierzycki

3 Jan 20
Reply by Andrew Heumann

Rendering a component similar to ValueList in CheckList mode

Hi all, I am trying to create a C# component which displays a list of options that the user can check or uncheck on its GUI. It could look…

Started by Mathias Höbinger

0 Jan 20

Insert tabs to strings

Hi, i'm trying to insert tabs to my function but i dont know how i have inserted multiple spaces instead, but im sure that i culld find a…

Started by E B

2 Jan 19
Reply by E B

[Python vs. GH component] Mesh Mesh intersection results

Hi all, I have one problem with the result of MMX component. I intersected one mesh (long pole) with several mesh sections (from cross-sect…

Started by CH

0 Jan 18

Code execution entry point

Hello. I wonder if there is a way to execute a piece of API code as soon as Grasshopper has just finished initializing? (Normally GH develo…

Started by Long Nguyen

4 Jan 18
Reply by Long Nguyen

Visual Studio 2015

Hello Community, I have been attempting to use the Grasshopper Assembly on Visual Studio 2015 Windows 8 and 10 (tried two versions). In Vi…

Started by Somewhere Something

0 Jan 16

Blur numbers mathematics

Hello, I was found function in grasshopper (Blur numbers). Function works perfect and do what i need, but I need to program same function b…

Started by Pavel Such

1 Jan 15
Reply by David Rutten

Trying to show currently installed plug-ins with python component

In Grasshopper->File->Preferences->Solver, you are able to see installed Plug-ins. Is there a way to list those in a Python compo…

Started by Chris Hanley

3 Jan 15
Reply by Chris Hanley

How to replace numbers in a list - Python

Hi there, I have a list of numbers which I want to replace with particular values, but I am coming into issues. I have been searching the…

Started by Matthew McFetridge

2 Jan 14
Reply by Matthew McFetridge



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