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Polyline from Curve

Hi All,   Does anyone know how to get a polyline from a nurbscurve??   Polyline pl = crv.ToPolyline(0, 0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, var, 0.0, 0.0, tru…

Started by JHLee

6 Sep 30
Reply by Pieter Segeren

An error occurred in the display pipeline

I am getting 'An error occured in the display pipeline' error being thrown. I am very confused as I am not writing anything to the display…

Started by Hugh Groves

2 Sep 30
Reply by Hugh Groves

Text Dot / Brep Display Order Problem

Hello, I am drawing some preview geometry (shaded breps representing different floor areas) and some textdots (representing loads). Unfor…

Started by Hugh Groves

2 Sep 30
Reply by Hugh Groves

how to use OnRayShooter on C#

I want to use OnRayShooter in my C# plugin but I don't know how to use it and which namespace I should use. I have imported all namespaces…

Started by Mohammad Hamidi Esfahani

4 Sep 29
Reply by Mohammad Hamidi Esfahani

Error with Grasshopper wizard in Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013

I downloaded the Grasshopper Wizard from here, but when I try to install it on Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 on Windows 8.1 I get th…

Started by Alessio Erioli

2 Sep 29
Reply by Alessio Erioli

Stopping GH_Timer from affecting components downstream?

I use the Timer component, which as I understand it, expires a component's solution, thus expiring all the components that it plugs into, a…

Started by Dan Taeyoung

12 Sep 28
Reply by Dan Taeyoung

How to throw a warning or error to turn the component orange or red?

I have a few conditions I want to have warnings or errors for in my code.  I see the GH_RuntimeMessageLevel enum, but how is it that one ca…

Started by Luis Fraguada

6 Sep 25
Reply by David Rutten

Using squish from rhino with a C#, VB or python component

Hi, I am trying to get the squish command from rhino. I know it can be called out using a python script, but I am quite new to scripting bu…

Started by Omar

9 Sep 23
Reply by Omar

C# "equalize" random points

Well friends, Imagine a brep with a single face (a trimmed surface) that "approximates" some tensile membrane that may look like this image…

Started by peter fotiadis

17 Sep 22
Reply by peter fotiadis

"0-1-pause" output with VB in GH

I like to control one simple stepper motor to understand the basics, as blink does not work (as it has no wait/sleep) I try to get it done…

Started by Paul Barmsen

3 Sep 21
Reply by Thomas



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