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Get geometry from unopened Rhino file

Is it possible to get the ObjectTable from an unopened Rhino file? I assume I would set the scriptcontext.doc to a file instead of the Acti…

Started by David Birge

2 Aug 24
Reply by David Birge

Simple question: Trying to bake GH object into Rhino, doesn't work

# importing relevant modules import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs import Rhino import scriptcontext as sc # switch to gh document sc.doc = "FitCr…

Started by Luc Evertzen

7 Aug 24
Reply by Filippos Filippidis

Print block values to text file using Python

Relatively simple question (I think). I'm currently using python to check combinations of SliderValues to check for lowest MaxDev. Attache…

Started by Luc Evertzen

7 Aug 24
Reply by Luc Evertzen

Voronoi3D and intersection mesh to mesh

Hi, I have an issue when I want to intersect voronoi3D cells with original mesh. Voronoi cells are generated from 4 outline curves point…

Started by Tomas Vinkevicius

6 Aug 23
Reply by Tomas Vinkevicius

Extend Curve on Surface.

I am finding myself in need of something similar to the rhino extend curve on surface function that you can find in rhino but it looks like…

Started by Dieter Toews

10 Aug 22
Reply by Lorenzo Comaron

Literally too dumb to paste in the code to C#... I can't seem to paste in the code to C# it doesn't seem to be as easy as python where am I supposed to place…

Started by Jonas Blazinskas

2 Aug 20
Reply by Jonas Blazinskas

Creating and Using Serial Ports with the C# Script Component

Hi Everyone- About a year ago I started playing around with serial port programming using the GHPython component. Here's the old thread: h…

Started by Brett Ian Balogh

3 Aug 19
Reply by Tom Jankowski

Tell me the reason why script freeze when I use gh.RunSolver

Hi! I am trying to write script which can automate to change parameter in slider and export image file. When I run the following script, i…

Started by Katsuya Obara

3 Aug 17
Reply by Marcus Strube

Trying to put together a script component to insert block. please help

Hello. I managed to insert blocks based on this post The problem is that it really creates geometry on the document. Is there a way to jus…

Started by Rui Fortes

3 Aug 17
Reply by Libny Pacheco

Parameter must be a Guid or string representing a Guid

Hi all, I know this question has been asked several times, but i have always some problem to find out.... I have always this answer:  Param…

Started by Bernhard Mueller

8 Aug 17
Reply by Anders Holden Deleuran



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