Meerkat GIS

Meerkat is a set of tools to generate Grasshopper geometry from GIS shape files. GIS shape files can be batch 'geolocated and cropped' in a Google Maps browser.

  • Nathan Lowe

    Hey all,

    Just a note that 1.3 has been released... in one word, branching... now multiple .mkgis files can be run through a single component.

  • Nathan Lowe

    There are about 120 unique users of Meerkat GIS.  There is one request created per session of use... so as long as Meerkat isn't closed, 1 to 10 hours of usage still only equals 1 request.  Map reloads or new crops do not count as a request.

    120 users isn't a lot, but I'm happy to see a diversity of countries using the plugin.  A majority of the US requests are my own beta-tests.  It also seems that usage is pretty consistent by a small portion of the 120 users.  I'm going to guess that 20-40 users are active.  Just so you guys know, I don't get any info regarding locations cropped, specific users, or even what country a specific user is from, the table above is as granular as it gets.

    I thought it would be fun to post and see if anyone has anything to say.  

  • Nathan Lowe

    I just released version 1.5 which includes two new components for projecting between latitude and longitude and point space.  Also I fixed the data tree structure in the Parsing component.