Gismo is a free and open source Grasshopper plugin for GIS environmental analysis.


Licensed under GPL-3.0+ license

  • Terrrain Generator Error

    HelloI have used the plugin very well in the past but now i am trying to use it for another location and it gives me some errors. The main error report is 1.Solution exception:'NoneType' object has no attribute 'NumberRows' terrain generatorPlease see attached the full Readme error output if…

    By Constantin Eugen Cozma

  • Gismo error rhino7 3Droof

    Hi there,I've been using Gismo for quite a while without ayn errors, but in rhino7 I get this one, while trying to create 3D roofsDon't know much about the coding part, but i've taking some screenshots of both coding and the GH component.Any help appreciated,Cheers,Thomas

    By Thomas o

  • Gismo Error

    I am new user of GH and its my first time working with Gismo, was trying to generate a terrain with but kept on getting this error!Can please someone help me with how to solve it, Thanks in advance!…

    By Jad Kanso

  • Rhino 6 - Gismo Error

    Hello All,I am quite new to Gismo, but I keep getting the error, "1. This component requires topography data to be downloaded from as a prerequisite for creating a terrain. It has just failed to do that. Try the following two fixes: 1) Sometimes due to large number of requests,…

    By Brendan Chucci

  • rhino 7 errors

    Hi I found a few more issues while getting things up and runningOMS3DRoad gave an error in the python because 7 no dealt with - if I change line 610 fromif (Rhino.RhinoApp.Version.Major == 6)toif (Rhino.RhinoApp.Version.Major >= 6)the error goes away.Also line 528 in OMS3Droofelif…

    By patrick jones

  • analyse_terrain

    HiI am new to Gismo and having a problem getting it to working. I tried running the analyse_terrain example and it produced the following error in the generate terrain script:-Runtime error (TypeErrorException): iteration over non-sequence of type NoneTypeTraceback: line 966, in…

    By patrick jones

  • 3D Components Outputting Geometry in Metres When Rhino is Set to Feet

    Hello Djordje,I have noticed that the Gismo OSM 3D component is producing geometry in metres from the "RandomHeightRange" input domain when the Rhino document is set to Feet. I have to add in a conversion factor to get the random heights (both buildings and trees) to be in feet.  The instructions…

    By Darren Ockert

  • mapFolder_ invalid

    Hello all,Firstly I'm quite new to Gismo. I have a problem here to use the GismoAfter done with the installation of Gismo in Grasshopper, I tried to run it and as you can see in the attached photo, I can't run it because mapfolder input is invalid. I tried to have a quick look in the phyton script…

    By Iwan Mazlan - E

  • New Gismo components: Green View Index and shapefile reader

    Small New Year addition to Gismo's components:1) Green View Index (GVI)GVI evaluates visual greenery from pedestrian’s perspective.An example file can be downloaded from here:…

    By djordje

  • Gsimo 0.0.3 and Rhino 7.1

    Gismo 0.0.3 seems to be working perfectly well for me in Rhino 7.1 except for 3D Roads.  Is this the reason you are not recommending use in Rhino 7.1 yet?  I can create 3D buildings, terrain, and pull all other OSM data into Rhino.  Other than the 3D Roads is there anything else that I might not be…

    By Darren Ockert