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  • Chan Hok Ming Adeline

    Dear Djordje, 

    I have a question please: what might be wrong when I am using gismo, and the 3D is not extruding? I'm not explaining it well but here's a printscreen: 

    I would really really appreciate it if I can hear what you think might be the problem. Thank you so much for this plugin in the first place.



  • Mikim4

    Hi Djordje,

    This is an amazing tool. I have been using quite a lot and I found it very useful.

    I recently had some problems with the results of a PV shaded analysis and I was hoping to understand your idea on this. I have been using the tool to compare the performance of an unshaded and a shaded array. I came across a case with panels westerly orientated and tilted by 35 degrees. Some of these panels were shaded by the context whilst some others were completely unobstructed. Plotting the percentage difference of AC energy per year between the shaded and the unshaded scenarios I have noticed that the unshaded panels would still get a reduction in AC energy per year.  I have run few tests with the shaded analysis script with only one surface, including as context in the Sunpath Shading the sole panel, and I have noticed that the annual shading increases with the panel inclination and the rotation towards East or West. This depends on the shadow analysis which increases the shading in all window meshes which can’t see the panel and “hit” the back of the surface.  The greater is the inclination and the easterly or westerly rotation of the panel, the bigger is the obscured area in the Sunpath. Given that the panel is unobstructed, the AC per year should not be the same before and after the Sunpath Shading analysis regardless of the orientation and the inclination?  

    See below an example of your script with some changes that hopefully will clarify my question.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


  • Chris Booth

    Hi Djordje,

    I would like to use your boolean split component, but it does not appear after placing it in the User Objects Folder. 

    I have the Python Script component installed and working - would it be possible to copy and paste the script into that - if so I need the script to copy and paste, if possible...