Silkworm is a plugin that translates Grasshopper and Rhino geometry into G-Code for 3d printing.  Silkworm allows for the complete and intuitive manipulation of the printer G-Code, enabling novel printed material properties to be specified by non-solid geometry and digital craft techniques.


Download at:

  • David Stasiuk


  • Silkworm

    New blog post explaining Flow, Feedrates and Stringing on the Project Silkworm site:

  • Robert Moore

    Is anyone else getting a 500 internal server error when trying to download the plug-in?

  • Arthur Mamou-Mani

    Hi Robert, thanks I am trying to solve this. I will let you know. In the meantime you can download silkworm here:

  • Andrei

    Hi all Silkworm users,

    Here are some tests I did using Silkworm, printing gCode generated directly from curves made with a simple grasshopper algorithm. The idea is to print a solid outer shell (a cylinder or a prism) and generate some inner straight lines defining ruled surfaces.


  • Gregory Epps

    Hi Arthur - great news about the open sourcing, I hope we can help... and get Silkworm talking to Godzilla! Greg