algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Here are some demo's of remeshing with Plankton combined with some relaxation functions from Kangaroo.

(Similar to what I described here:

The first is a simple remeshing aiming for equal edge lengths, while the second also allows interpolation between multiple target lengths, and also optimizes for circle packing.

They require the latest version of Kangaroo to run.


More explanations to follow soon


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wow. random timing, i was reading that post earlier today. Thanks

Quick question, your definition states it requires:


I don't have a PlanktonGH.dll, and can't see it on github. Where can i find it?

I do however have Plankton.gha

Sorry, that was my mistake. Yes - It should read Plankton.gha instead of PlanktonGH.dll

I'm feeling a little foolish....I'm having a similar problem.  I have downloaded Plankton.dll and Plankton.gha from

When I open the example file, (, I am prompted to point to 2 dll's,



What am I missing in order to get the example file to work?

No worries - I got confused myself when writing the description (a gha file is actually just a renamed dll, and I listed an old internal one without thinking).

The actual files you need to reference are:





When adding assembly references, you need to change the extension to be able to select gha files:

and remember - all 4 files need to be unblocked

perfect.  Thank you!  I also found I had an outdated kangaroo version, (Kangaroo0095), updated to Kangaroo0096 and all is well.  Thanks again!  This is amazing work!

hi daniel,

I had the same problem even when I have referenced those files + unblocked all of it. Could you help me, please?


It worked when indeed I brought up the Manage Assemblies dialog after right clicking the C# to access the menu. Then I manually deleted all of the items and replaced them, indeed having to use the file type selection menu on the file selection screen to access the .gha files hidden in the %appdata% folder I had to manually type in to get to the Grasshopper Library directory (whew!). I also had to cancel the initial auto-search dialog when opening his script since then trying to use the right click to get to Manage Assemblies simply crashed Rhino, so I cancelled those initial requests first. Most regular users take this insider information for granted, I know, but us occasional users have to get back up to speed on the old learning curve again.

Hello  NikFromNYC 

I am having the very same problem. as everyone else. how did you "cancel the initial auto-search dialog when opening his script since then trying to use the right click to get to Manage Assemblies simply crashed Rhino"??

I am trying to do i tbut my rhino keeps crashing! 

thanks very much for your help

I'm sorry for bringing this up again Daniel (and everyone), but I'd love to get this to work, but cannot seem to figure it out.

I have those 4 files - Plankton.dll, Plankton.gha, KangarooLib0096.dll, and Kangaroo0096.gha, but no luck.  

I'm afraid this is a bit beyond me.  Any way I could request a step by step on how to run these files?

Hi Nick,

Have you set the assembly reference locations by right-clicking the C# component?

Also - since this discussion, I've also posted the MeshMachine gha component

(, which does most of the same things as this script (and more), without needing you to set up assembly references yourself, so using that might be an easier option. 







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