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Who have Peacock working on Rhino 5 for Mac?

I have install it but most nodes are not working. For example Gem Studio doesn't generate gems and many-many other doesn't work.

I have OSX Mojave.

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I did have it running with Rhino for Mac V5 a few years ago. I could test on V6 since I don't have V5 installed. I believe it was fairly easy to do. I am doing jewellery on the bench and not in Rhino very much. If I have time this week I will look at it. You may want to try using the Grasshopper pages on the Official Rhino Discourse forum

The Peacock files will either go in Components or User Objects. 

I hope this helps for now.


Thank Randy!

It was partially working when I was using 0.99.1(non mac version) in user object folder.. not all nodes at all were working, but I was able to generate the gems stones. But after downloading 0.99.5 which is Mac compatible - even those nodes stop working. I have clean install on new OSX. I have it also in Rhino 6 WIP Mac version and it works good. But I need it to work in Rhino 5. I have Peacock in user object folder and it appears in GS interface but many nodes are not working at all.. I have no ideas why



Hi Sergey,

it looks like it has a Mac version on the FoodForRhino Download page.

Yeah - I have this.

I works for Rhino 6 Mac, but not with Rhino 5 Mac - that is my problem






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