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Use pachyderm for street noise analysis and optimization of planning and building geometry solutions?

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Is Pachyderm only for interior acoustic analysis or can I use it to test impacts of street noise? I am trying to position and shape 3 story residential buildings, with possible insertion of sound barrier walls or berms and enhanced wall insulation and reduced window sizes, to reduce negative acoustic impacts from a nearby busy street (almost a freeway). Looking for a tool to analyze benefits of different design solutions with regard to exterior noise sources. Any suggestions or sample cases would be very appreciated.


Matthew Winkelstein

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Pachyderm can do both - but within limitations:

Pachyderm has line-source designations that allow you to get the right power level based on vehicles types on a road - an outdoor algorithm...

However, I never added screen algorithms for barrier attenuation, meaning that barriers will be a problem.

Finally, you wouldn't use these tools to test sound isolation of a partition from outside to inside. It isn't needed. You can do that calculation fairly simply using a spreadsheet.

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