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I am testing out my pachyderm framework on a new model, and I am encountering a couple issues.

1) I am getting this error: 1. Solution exception:Number of Grasshopper Objects(GG) and number of Rhino Layer(GL) indices must match (one layer per object). I have 2 Breps from Grasshopper Geometry, so I thought a panel with "2" in it would work, but it didn't. So I tried a multiline data panel with "1" enter "1" and that didn't work either. Thoughts on this?

2) I can assign the source to a point in Rhino, but Rhino and Grasshopper crash when I try to assign the receiver to a point. This also happens when I assign the receiver successfully first and then try to assign the source. Thoughts on this too?


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In addition, how would I specify the Rhino layer for each Brep in Grasshopper separately? So Brep 1 would be one material and Brep 2 would be another material. Is it a multiline data panel (that didn't work for me)?

I don't typically use multi-line data panels, but I have seen people do it. My approach is typically to right click on the input, and use the "Set Multiple..." command.


In this version of the Grasshopper sketch i have the box as one brep and the accordion panels as another. So I expected the number of integers to put for Grasshopper Layers to be two (e.g., 0,1) so that I can specify different materials for the box and panels. Even using Set Multiple or a multiline panel, it gives the same error about a mismatch in the number of layers. The only way I avoid the error is to use a number slider to feed Grasshopper Layers one integer.

Hi Sam,

I can't seem to reproduce these errors when I start a new model, but in your models, for some reason this is an issue. I will have to try some things, and get back to you.







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