algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Good morning all,

I am currently working on the calculation of the reverberation time of different closed spaces. I have a closed geometry (simplified model of the Hypogeum in Malta), and what I did was change the scale of it, so I had 3 versiones in: 1:1 / 1:2 / 1:5. What caught my attention was that the reverberation time in the 3 cases was quite similar even when the scales were so different and I don’t believe this makes sense at least from a theoretical point of view. The longer the distance for the sound waves to travel, the longer the reverberation time should be correct? But the results I am getting don’t show any significant changes. I did 4 tests in each geometry and I believe I might have something wrong in my definition, In my Ray tracing component I set it to make the calculation with " Trace Specified Number of Rays", not with the “Minimum Convergence”, since it would take much longer time for computing. I AM BASICALLY TRYING TO UNDERSTAND THE RELATION BETWEEN THE SCALE OF THE INTERIOR SPACE AND THE REVERBERATION TIME. If anyone could take a look I would truly appreciate it since I have no idea what I am doing wrong...Thank you all!

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