algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all,

I'm learning how to use Pachyderm.

I create a testing model with Source as Women Whispered.

I use Plywood wall material in Library.
But the Sound Pressure Level seems too high. I don't know what I missed.

Please help.

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Hi. Looks kind your sourxe doesn't have soubd power for some reason. Try this:
Select your source object.
Enter command 'getusertext'
Look for a key titled SWL, and copy the associated string here.


Hi Arthur,

This is my string:

<SWL> 31;38;59;63;55;52;49;49;

Hi Thai,

Send me your model to -


Thank you.

I sent you an email. Please check.

Ok. This is what I get using your model. I'm not sure how you got what you got, but clearly there is more that is strange about your result than just the sound power.

For example, you have sound in the compartments that have been demised from the source, but you haven't specified transparency on the demising surfaces... So what did you do in this model exactly?

Next, I'm not sure what this is. Is there supposed to be a cieling over these spaces?



- I'm just follow the tutorial video on Orase website

- There is a ceiling but I'm just using the Hide object in Rhino.

- The sound trans on the demised wall is already at 3% but do I have to check on "Semi-Transparent Material" to turn it on?

If it's convenient, can you guide me step by step to get the right results?

Many thanks.

Hey there,

Yes, you need to check the box. I've had the issue before where a small amount of transparency became a real problem if you didn't realize it was there, so I made it a very deliberate choice to add transparency.

Well, the first thing I think is to make sure you are getting the right result for your source power. It worked on mine. Has it started to work on yours?


Nope. The result was still so high.

And this is my source btw.

Alright. Try installing this version then:


Thank Arthur.

This version gives me a better result.

Everything seems reasonable.






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