algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This is a place to ask qustions about installation. Please post your questions here and I will get to them as quickly as I can.

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Hi Arthur,

I setup the plugin on rhino. I think I was successful in doing that. Image is attached. However, ever after copying files to the component folder I don't see anything in Grasshopper. Would you know what I am doing wrong?



Hi  Devang,

The  Pachyderm website can't be accessed. Could you send me the plugin file. My email is Thx :)

Hi skyharvest,

Thanks for bringing the issue with the website to my attention - very strange...

I will check with my host about what is going on.

Arthur (Pachyderm Author)


For your reference, here is an installer file that will put the latest WIP on.

Eventually, when I have all features working correctly, this will be on the website, but please feel free to beta test for now.


An Update - apparently my host service has had a serious hardware malfunction, and is trying to restore everyone's websites now from backup...

Not good, but I'm now waiting for my site to be restored... Sorry for the invconvenience.

Thx Arthur, I hope everything will be fine. Looking forward to your final work :)

Hi Arthur,

I am currently pursuing my thesis and trying to design a workplace that performs acoustically by testing different material and shape. I started explore Pachyderm but realised that I couldn't access the tutorial website. I am new to this area and am sorry to ask if there is another site that I can get access to the tutorials.

Thank you,


Hi. The website is back up. Arthur

Hi Arthur,

Pachyderm looks like a great tool that I'd like to play around with for some loudspeaker projects. The problem seems to be that I am using Rhino WIP in native macOS (i.e not running in Parallells), is there any way to run Pachyderm on a Mac?



Hi Christian,

I'd love to help you out, but I don't know much about programming for Mac. The code is on Github. If you or someone else is interested in porting it, please feel free.


Thank you for the quick reply, but unfortunately I'm not a programmer and I have very little clue of how to port it. I'll just have to find another solution.

Good luck with the project and keep it up!



I've managed to install the software for the most part, but am getting some errors related to the Hare library. Is this something I need to install separately? I'm getting this error from the geodesicsource object: 

1. Solution exception:Could not load file or assembly 'Hare, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

Thanks for any help!







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