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I've been running ray tracing on a GH geometry that I plan to optimize using Opossum, so it has quite allot of variables. Up until now I have experienced simulation times up to 7 or 8 minutes, but now suddenly - without changing the GH script, I am experiencing simulation time at around 30-40 minutes. I've tried older versions of my GH script, but the same issue occurs. If I run simple geometries into the Ray Tracer (Shoebox e.g) it runs smoothly.

Could someone take a look at my GH file and give the Ray Tracer a go?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

I'm not entirely certain why you are experiencing long simulation times. 30 to 40 minutes is not unusual, though. Be aware that the algorithm decimates rays whose energy has dwindled to an insignificant level. This means that a model with very little absorption may take a lot longer. 


Thanks for your reply Arthur!
I've remodeled the geometry with some simplifications, which lowers my simulation time. As mentioned my goal is to optimize the geometry - also why a low simulation time is significant, as I will do a bunch of iterations. I intent to do so in respect to SPLA in different receiver locations (and maybe C50 as well), but my optimization does not converge. Have you got any tips and tricks to share? 







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