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Hello to every one.
I am getting a simulation of a residential complex in pachyderm. I need to say that I have tried a lot to model the project clear. because due to I was working with rhino 6 till last week and I have entered the model from sketchup the based model was mesh based so I have model and convert a lot of mesh objects to nubes so lots of time the model did not run for simulatio beacuse it had bad objects in itself until I got success to remove and repair bad objects but now after running the simulation when I want to get the mesh gradient on the surfaces of the simulated project suddenly the rhino crash and close completely. I had this problem for another project once and it was due to the size of meshes but when I got the mesh sizes larger it soved and the software gave the result. but right now how much I change the size of meshes it would not change in results and with each size of mesh resolutions the analysis result would not give me the mesh results and it will crash and close rhino.
I would really thank you if some body can help me to find the problem if is there any problem in the file. But I am really desperate and I don't know where the problem is with the file. And it is possible that the problem is due to the defect and weakness of my system configuration?

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And now I just have to mention, forgive me for the many typos. Now that I read it, I saw how many typos there are. It's late and after a long time of work, I missed the typos.

Hi Alireza,
There are a few reasons that could happen, must have to do with a piece of NURBS geometry that rhino can't mesh properly. Degenerate surfaces are usually to blame.

It you like, send the model to me. I will take a look.


Hello. Dear Arthur
Thank you for taking the time to read my message and reply to it. And thank you for telling me about the possible problem, but I don't know how to fix it. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. And even though I attached the file in a zip file in the first message, I am sending it here again.
Best regardsfinalanalyiserhino7.3dm

Hello Dear Arthur.
Sorry for posting new replies. I wanted to know if any problems or solutions could be found. I am collaborating in this project and searched a lot but not find where is the problem in any sources. So I would really thank you if you can take a look in the model and file.
Sincerely yours
Alireza Mohammadi Baghbanan






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