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Hi There,

I'm testing a simple scene consisting of a box and a reflective surface placed inside the box. I have set a single emitter and receiver.

I'm experiencing a weird behaviour with the reflection paths generated through the Image Source solver in grasshopper. Some rays pass through the reflective surface, others bounce and are specularly reflected as expected.

Has anyone experienced this issue before?


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Hey there,

That's an intentional behavior if your surface has transparency set. Is that the case?


Hi Arthur,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I haven't set any transparency.

I'm also having problems with the NURBS scene component. It doesn't seem to accept any kind of geometry. However, how is it supposed to perform image source on a NURBS surface? This is just for the sake of knowledge, since I've developed an implementation of image source a while ago, and the construction process requires to know the tangent planes beforehand.

I was wondering if the current release of pachyderm for grasshopper is a beta version. If it is not, could you please direct me to any comprehensive tutorial? I've checked those on vimeo, but they do not cover the grasshopper plugin exhaustively.






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