algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Pachyderm incorporates auralization (the rendering audible of a simulated room). Please feel free to share your creations here, and/or ask questions.

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Hi Arthur,

I am encountering problems that you mentioned in your 2015 post ( Sometimes when I choose a data source, Rhino crashes. (Also, what is the difference between Hybrid and Mapping data sources?)

Also, once I click the Render Settings tab, I get a spinning wheel that doesn't stop.


Hi Sam,

I happen to know these work, but maybe you have used it in a way that I did not anticipate.

Some basics - The Hybrid method is performed when you work from the interface that pops up when you type "Pachyderm_Acoustic". You can bring the data from your simulation in this module into the auralization module. However, you first must have completed a simulation in the Hybrid module.

Maybe you are clicking this before having any data to import?

Mapping is the module you are using when you are working on creating a mapped simulation - from your other post. I'm not sure if I finished this, but regardless, it would be far lower quality than if you completed it with the Hyrbrid module, because the resolution of the simulation is far lower for practical reasons.

Does this answer your question?







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