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Hi to everyone,

in this tutorial ( ) is shown a method to simulate a lamp in DIVA. Considering that the process is about a modding of radiance materials, do you think that it would be possible to do the same in honeybee?

To go deeper I have tried to do the tutorial about DIVA, but in its grasshopper version: it doesn't work. To be more precise, the material, applied to a brep, is not read by the DIVA daylight simulator. Actually I don't know if I'm mistaken about some details.

it would be great if only it could be possible in honeybee! for instance I have found this study which is pretty interesting to calculate lamps power consumptions directly in honeybee:

Thank you,


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Already some news? =)

Hi Thomas, I just wanted let you know that I didn't forget about this. There are so many open issues right now and I haven't been able to find time for this one. Thank you for pushing this. I will do my best not to disappoint you this week! Please keep the pressure on! ;)

Ok. I added the import part. I still need to add it to runDaylight simulation.

Here we go! I just did it so I can sleep with peace of mind. :)

The file is attached. Let me know if you found any bugs!



Super! I am glad to see that my discussion is going further.

Thank you Mostapha!


Hi Mostapha,

Im doing now interior lighting, and I need actually to rotate the ligh not to shine straigt down, but the HB don't allow to do that ,is there any reason why ?




and also I wanted to copy them and somehow is not working , GH file attached and internalised 



ies files are functions and they can't be rotated or scaled in the scene. If you need them rotated you need to find the ies file for the rotated fixture. If it is not available then I would post the question to Radiance's email list. Someone there might know where to find the file or what is the right approach to do it.


Thank for reply,

I was searching for the rotated one, and it doesn' t exist, and I also tried to mimic the rotated one through some IES creator but it' s not the same, so it will be really heplful to post that question to Radiance email list and hopefuly solve it than.

Kind regards


Go for it! Here is the email: Radiance general discussion <> I think you need to submit to the email list before sending an email. Let's see what are the suggestions.

Done :) now just wait for the answer 

so the answer from ROB:
Hi Peter,

I am assuming you have Type C photometry files, perhaps some for a directional, amiable luminaire like a track fixture or something like that. In this case you would convert the ies file to radiance format using ies2ead, and then do your tilting and rotating using the Radiance xform utility to do translations.


There are also extensive examples of how to aim luminaries in Rob Shakespeare's art gallery tutorial in Rendering With Radiance.


- Rob

and now I will read through the book etc. :)






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