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Hello All,

I am trying to simulate the shingle facade of the Latvia Pavilion from the Shanghai Expo as an exercise in Kangaroo.  I have done something similar in Maya, but thought I would give Kangaroo a go. 


I have messed around a bit and got something that seems to be going in the right direction.  This is more of a curiosity, but wanted to know if there would be a better way to approach it.  I was thinking of solving this twice, first exert the "wind" force, solve, then use the output to exert the "gravity" force. 


This is a super simple try, just using a point to describe the wind source...obviously an approximation.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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From what I can see in that video it looks to me like the shingles themselves have a very simple action (they are blown up by wind and fall back down with gravity), and really all the interesting part of the effect comes from the variations in airflow across the surface.


Maybe you could look at getting a vector field for the wind in from some CFD program, then you could have each flap be affected by the closest vector. Of course you really need a time varying vector field, which is trickier. You could perhaps import a static solution and add random time variation (though this should probably be somehow weighted more heavily in more turbulent regions).


I have been thinking to add a very simple wind force (similar to how pressure works now, but just projecting a wind vector onto the normal of the triangle and multiplying by the area). This wouldn't take care of what the wind vector should be, but it should allow things like flapping flags.

If I had a few months(maybe years) to dedicate purely to it I'd love to have a go at implementing actual real-time 3d fluids in Kangaroo, but I doubt that's ever going to happen!

Perlin noise is often used to give the effect of smooth but random variations in wind.
Maybe you could try using a Perlin-noise-based vector field?

- Giulio
McNeel Europe, Barcelona

Yes that works pretty well!

Nice, seems like a decent way to go... thanks for the suggestion.

Somehow all of us decided to hang in for the Fri night, Giulio, if Daniel was in town, I'd say lets go get a beer, but alas, its Raining in BCN!

Here's the definition.
Nice combo!  And yes, not too shabby!

Hi I am relatively new to grasshopper and am trying to do a similar thing to the above. I just tried your definition and grasshopper cannot parse all the components and plug-ins needed. I have the latest Kangaroo(2.2.1) but grasshopper doesn't recognize the components in your definition. Where does perlin noise come from? In short how could I do this today? What do I need for it to work?


Perlin noise is probably from this component set. Kangaroo might have been in the 1.0 version, not the later 2.0 version.

Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates


I am new on Grasshopper and I think, this definition is old. How can I convert this? Can you upload new version of definition please?







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