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I have used the plugin very well in the past but now i am trying to use it for another location and it gives me some errors. 

The main error report is 

1.Solution exception:'NoneType' object has no attribute 'NumberRows' terrain generator

Please see attached the full Readme error output if relevant.

The error showed up when i changed the location coordinates in a previous definition that actually worked. It also appears when i lowered the Radius value on the same definition.

Could someone please help me with this as i need it for a project?

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Hi Constantin,

Can you attach your .gh file please.

Hi Djordje! Thanks for the reply

Yes please see attached the file.

As you can see, it can extract the OSM shapes well, but not the terrain.

I have just checked and there  seems to be a problem with the TIFF  terrain files that it generates.

The new TIFF files that are generated are not valid. They are just 733 bytes in size.

When It uses the old ones, it does work.

Thats why it only works for the previous radius that i used.


The reason why new .tif files are not valid is because they are not downloaded. Gismo tries to download them, but then gets rejected due to lack of the API key.
The old one work, because they have been properly downloaded before the introduction of the API key.

I am trying to upload, there seems to be a problem with the website.

Ok,  done. Its attached at the main comment.

Hi Constantin,
Supplier of the terrain data Gismo is using changed their way of service end of last month. Since then, an API key is required in order to download the terrain data.
The API key is free and the whole process of obtaining it can last just a few minutes. I will make a tutorial on how to obtain it, and add a new '_APIkey' input to the 'Terrain Generator' component.
Until that happens, please have a 1km terrain attached for your location. Sorry that it wasn't more.

Hi Djodje,

Thanks for the help and for the terrain file! The problem is I need a much larger area to capture  the surrounding mountains, for visualisation purposes.

I am glad there is an easy solution for this. If you have time in the following days for that tutorial it would be great!

Thanks again!

It may take me some time to make the tutorial and changes to the source code.
Until then, attached is 2.8km radius, as in your initial file:

I understand. Is it too muchif you can make it 10km in Radius? This way i can capture the major mountains around.

Hi Constantin,

Sorry for the delay.

1) Right click on the 'Terrain Generator' component in your Gismo tab, and select:
'Delete User Object'

2) Then download the newest 'Terrain Generator' Component from here:
And drop this .ghuser file to your Grasshopper canvas.
3) Drag and drop the new 'Terrain Generator' component from Gismo tab to Grasshopper canvas.
Let me know if there are some issues.

Yes it works! Thank you so much !

One thing i want to say is that i could not see the link to the OpenTopography site in the component Readme. I manually copied from your video but I followed the steps and its working now!

Thanks again ! 






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