algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Can anyone tell me as soon as possible whats the issue here?

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Hi Metakosmia,

Can you please let us know which versions of Rhino, Grasshopper and Ghpyton do you have?
The minimal ones are:

- McNeel Rhino 5 32bit or 64bit ≥ SR9 or Rhino 6. Rhino 7 WIP is not supported at the moment!

- Grasshopper 0.9.0075 or 0.9.0076.

- Ghpython plugin

Hi djodje,

Thanks for the reply.

I was able to solve the above problem. I just updated the Ghpython plugin.

But another issues popped up. Whenever I am using OSM Shapes..its showing windows error and Its the same problem someone mentioned in one of the earlier posts and I tried doing all the methods to solve it, but somehow its still showing thw Windows error.

What to do?

Hi Metakosmia,

Can you connect a yellow panel to the "readMe!" output of the "OSM Shapes" component?
And then attach a screenshot of that panel in here?


Thank you. Indeed this is the permissions error that we mostly get from Windows 10 users.
Make sure that you have Administrator rights (that you are not using a PC from your university for example, where students have limited permissions).
You already said that you followed some steps, but can you specifically try this fix.

If it does not work, can you as well try to apply the same permissions not only to the "ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES" but also to your "Users(DESKTOP-_Users). Attached is screenshot of this below.







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