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Legend on the underwater terrain (Gismo_Terrain Generator)


How can i have the legend of the terrainGenerator?


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Hi Zadig,

Can you attach your .gh file please?
Thank you.

Hi Djordje,

here is the attached file. I need to have a legend that explains the coloring and can you explain to me the numofContours? if i put 80 or 3 , what will be the different? 

I am very interested in your plugin. I do not understand everything so expect me to ask you more later :)

thanks a lot for the effort you do


Hi Zadig,

Thank you for sharing the file. Of course we are here to help.
The contours are basically isohypses - horizontal curves representing locations on the terrain with the same elevation. So if you define the "numOfContours_: input to 2, the terrain geometry will have only two isohypses from its highest to the lowest point. With 80, you will have 80 of them. Have in mind that if "standThickness_" input is larger than 0 (it means a stand will be created below the terrain), then the isohypses will be applied to the stand as well, as it is the continuation of the terrain.

To get the terrain elevation legend, one needs to use the "Terrain Analysis" component. Check the attached file. I changed the "source_" input, because your location is Paris suburb. In this cases the "source_=2 (GMRT - underwater terrain)" will also generate the land terrain as well. But with less precision than source_=1 and 2, which are meant to be used for land terrain.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.







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