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Hello djordje,

just been using Gizmo for the first time and find it to be good. However I have a couple of issues I hope you can help me with.

First one ought to be simple... but it's defeating me. On the OSM data I'm looking at, there are areas tagged as "landuse=farmland" and "landuse=cemetery". These object don't show up in the Gizmo list so how do I add them so that I can select them?

The second part is 3d roads on terrain gives an error whenever the terrain is activated. (It works fine with no terrain).

the error is

0. Runtime error (TypeErrorException): iteration over non-sequence of type NoneType
1. Traceback:
line 532, in createThreeDeeRoads, "<string>"
line 696, in script

Any help in fixing these would be appreciated.

grasshopper file attached


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Hi Alf,

For your first question, check the attached file, on how to use the "landuse=cemetary". The same principle is with "landuse=farmland", just add another "OSM Search" component.
For the second question (terrain error), I would have to look into it these days. Sorry for the delay.

Something is wrong with the forum, I can't upload the .gh file.
Here is an external upload link:

Thanks for getting back so quick.. it's appreciated.
The new component you sent has helped me to understand the logic and requirements better. Cheers.

As for the other problem, I've been doing some trial and error work with it and I believe I have it fixed now. The problem was having the ground terrain active and plugged into the search AND 3D components at the same time. By removing it from the search component it now looks like it's working OK. Just got to play around with it some more.

Again, many thanks

Hi Alf,

I am glad it worked!
Let us know if you have any other questions.






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