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Thanks for the work on Gismo, it looks great.

I'm fighting a little to get the workflow correctly going.

The Analysis terrain tool isn't reconizing the terrain input. I tried with ladybug and with gismo terrain generator, and they seem to work fine.

This problem may be trivial, and I'm sorry to bother.

Any idea ?

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Try setting the type input to 2 or 3 in the TerrainGenerator component.


Thanks for your quick answer.

I did it, though. First thing.

Hi Denis,

By default Terrain Generator uses "1" as an input value for "type_": which is a circular mesh.
Terrain Analysis component requires either "2" or "3": a surface, as Abraham pointed out.

Hie Djordje,

Thank you for taking the time to answer me.

I undestand what you suggest.

The point is that it doesn't solve the problem : terrain analysis component still asks for type 2 or 3 terrain.

I attached the same file with type 2 terrain.


Hi Denis,
But in your definition the "Terrain Generator"'s "type_" input already has a "2" set.

Here is the result that I get when running your .gh file (attached below).

I wanted to internalize everything that you see and attach the .gh file, but the file size was 34MB! So I attached the file temporarily (for the next 7 days) in here:



So the file works.

But when I open that same file on my laptop, I have the same type 2 type 3 demand from the terrain analysis component (the flow component is also asking methe same type 2 or 3 terrain)

I unblocked the gismo .ghuser in the user object's folder.

Osm import plugin and terrain generator work well, so I suppose Mapwingis is doing well. I don't get what could be the problem.

I checked ghpython version and updated it.

I read all discussions on that forum and tried different suggestions.

Here is the exact message from terrain analysis

1. The data you supplied to the _terrain input is not a surface nor a polysurface.
Please supply the terrain output data from the Ladybug Terrain Generator or Gismo Terrain Generator component, to this component's _terrain input.
It needs to be a surface/polysurface: set the:
type_ input of the Ladybug Terrain Generator component to 1, or
type_ input of the Gismo Terrain Generator component to 2 or 3.

The exact message from gismo flow component is :

1. The data you supplied to the "_geometry" input is neither a surface and/or polysurface and/or mesh.
Please input some (or all) of these types of data to the "_geometry" input.

Hi Denis,

The ghpython component needs to be

Rhino 5 needs to be SR9 or newer. Gismo also supports Rhino 6 (any version). These are Windows versions, Mac Rhino versions are not supported!

Can you please confirm which of the upper two versions (ghpython and Rhino) do you have?
Thank you.

Hi Djordje,

I use Rhino 5 SR14 on Windows 7, I downloaded the latest ghpython component only yesterday (

Thank you

Thank you for the reply Denis.
And the same problem exists again with the updated ghpython component?
It may be a silly question, but did you restart the Rhino 5, since the update of the ghpython component?

Hie Djordje,

I closed and rebooted several times after updating Ghpython. It didn't change anything.

It looks like installation problem (since the same file works well on your windows laptop, and don't work properly on mine).

Does terrain analysis call any other plugin like ghpython ?

Could it be affected by other GIS plugin (heron, mosquito, merkaat...) ?

Do you have any trail I could follow to solve that problem ? I really want to make it work.

That terrain analysis is exactly what I intended to do.

Thanks to you.

Hi Denis,

All Gismo components are essentially ghpython components. So if ghpython version is not, you will have issues. But as you already updated your ghpython.gha version, this shouldn't be the reason of your issue anymore.
I haven't investigated if Heron Mosquito, Merkaat affect Gismo, but with this particular definition they shouldn't as "Terrain Analysis" component performs analysis based on its own code, it does not call any external libraries.

Can you please internalize all the outputs of the "Terrain Generator" component, save the .gh file, and attach it here?






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