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Gismo 0.0.3 seems to be working perfectly well for me in Rhino 7.1 except for 3D Roads.  Is this the reason you are not recommending use in Rhino 7.1 yet?  I can create 3D buildings, terrain, and pull all other OSM data into Rhino.  Other than the 3D Roads is there anything else that I might not be aware of that would make Gismo 0.0.3 not ready for Rhino 7.1?


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Hi Darren,
Thanks for posting this issue.
The only reason to be honest is because I still do not own Rhino 7, even though there is an evaluation version.
Once I own it, I will check for compatibility issues. It seems you already identified one: with "3D Roads" component.
Can you post a screenshot of what the error message says?

Here is the error message for the 3D Roads

Thank you Darren.
Can you post a screenshot of the message coming out from the 'readMe!' output.
Like this in attached photo.
Sorry for not being precise enough in the last reply.

And by the way, have you tried running the same .gh file on Rhino 6? Does it work?


Hi Djordje,

Sorry - here is the read me output

I have not tried it in Rhino 6 as I'm pretty much exclusively working in Rhino 7 now due to Rhino.Inside Revit integration and uninstalled Rhino 6.

I can redownload and test if you need that info.

Thanks again for a great plugin.

Hi Darren,
Thank you once again.

I don't know if evaluation version of Rhino 6 is available anymore, now that Rhino 7 is released, so maybe you can't test on Rhino 6.

Can you double click on the "OSM 3D Road" component, and replace the line at row 610:

if (Rhino.RhinoApp.Version.Major == 6):

with this:

if (Rhino.RhinoApp.Version.Major == 7):

It works perfectly now! Thank you Djordje. I actually changed the line to:

if (Rhino.RhinoApp.Version.Major >= 6):

Thanks again for the quick responses.

Hi Darren,
Good one! Better than my advice!






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