algorithmic modeling for Rhino

What happens when a penguin and a ladybug work together? A ladyguin!! :)

Ladybug developer Antonello Di Nunzio has recently released a set of components for Ladybug which enable preparing, modelling, and visualizing data for ENVI-Met 4 software. ENVI-met is a cutting edge software used to analyse microclimate interactions in urban environment. Tens of different analysis types can be performed on the chosen building context. From Mean radiant temperature and local Wind speed to CO2 concentration and Pollutant dispersion in the air.

To generate the building context for Ladybug ENVI-met components, Antonello used Gismo:

An example similar to results in upper screenshots has been been attached below.
To run it, GismoLadybug and Human plugins need to be installed.
To perform the ENVI-met analysis, download ENVI-met 4 Basic for free, and install it.

Steps in the .gh example file  have been labelled from 1 to 11. They mostly consist of just setting a boolean toggle to True.
An exception to this are steps 6 (set the folder path of your ENVI-met application install folder), and 8 (running the ENVI-met simulation). Step 8 has been explained in detail in the photo attached below (step8.jpg).

Special thanks to Antonello for developing and guidance on ENVI-met application and components!
Post questions below if you have any issues!

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Hi Romain,

You can find the latest  release of lb_envimet on github, here is the link:

Installation instruction:
1) click on "clone or download" and download lb_envimet master
2) extract it wherever you want in your machine
3) copy "lb_envimet" folder in APPDATA/ROAMING
4) Drag and Drop all components which comes from "UserObjects" into the canvas of Grasshopper

Let me know if it works.
There are also some examples in the folder "examples".

Please, let me know if it works.

This plugin is based on the basic version of ENVI_MET. Is the variable you are looking for part of ENVI_MET PRO?


Thanks Antonello,

I've tried it, unfortunately I have the same error message for several components related to the file (see attached). Any idea how to solve this issue?



Hi Romain,

I have fixed a bug, could you download and install the version you can find on github again? Thanks


Thanks Antonello, it works now!

Hi Roman,

you can find a short demo here:




Very nice tutorial, along with other two!!
Thank you for its creation Antonello!!

Nice work Antonello!!


Hi Antonello,
(I commented on the youtube video, but perhaps you don't access youtube that often to see it)
Is the demo video supposed to be cropped? I'm trying to follow but sometimes I can't see where you click and get the components from...
Another question (I haven't tried the program yet!): is it possible to do the reverse, i.e., convert building geometries from Envimet to Rhinoceros?






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