algorithmic modeling for Rhino

As you probably know, Dragonfly allow us to import landsat image. I have tried few months ago. Probably it could useful if Gismo could consider also a section to import and analyze landsat data deeply.

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Thank you once again for the valuable advice Francesco!! Your previous procedure on calculating the height data got quite some attention!

It could be that this one will as well!

Do you have some specific usage in mind, if Gismo would be able to import satellite images?

I have read from your github page that "Gismo is a free and open source Grasshopper plugin for GIS environmental analysis". Even if influenced by ladybug I think it could be useful to all grasshopper users to consider GISMO as a parametric alternative to all other GIS software. In this way Gismo could be used to download (or, in the future to automatically upload as discussed here) data from(/to) OpenStreetMap. But I think It can be used also to assess the overall urban environment using, for example, landsat data to obtain, for example, the surface temperature distributions maps, etc.

Hi Franceso,
Thank you for the explanation!

In which way alternative to other GIS software? Can you be bit more specific.

The surface temperatures distribution maps is what you tried to achieve with Dragonfly? Do you still have issues in doing that? I am wondering if there would be a need to already replicate the great work that Chris Mackey did for the Dragonfly.

I apologize if my replies sound a bit too questionable. That's not my initial intention. I would just like to know which specific ideas you have in mind. Your previous point cloud one was great, as I mentioned!

Can you be bit more specific. [...] I would just like to know which specific ideas you have in mind.

I will contact you when I'll come back from holiday to better describe my needs.

I will wait for those ideas! Thank you once again for your contribution Francesco!






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