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Is it possible to select an object to calculate solar access analysis by using geco?... similar to the command 'use selected objects' in the Objects in Model section in Ecotect? 


It is possible to run the analysis on selected objects/surfaces only. For that you have to export the environment/obstacles and the to analyzed object separately. First the environment than the object. After that you have to go through the solar analysis manually mode in Autodesk Ecotect. Activate the toggle for just selected object and start it once and stop it with escape button on the keyboard(sorry for that process but Autodesk has a bug in the engine so that we still cannot access that feature without this).

Afterwards just select the object and start the process in GH and Geco and use just the ID numbers of the analyzed object two feedback the data. 


Thank you for your reply. I have done that, and it worked, however the results (ie solar insolation colour pattern) i'm getting on Rhino are not the same as the ones on Ecotect (they are messed up on Rhino). 

Also, I do not understand what you meant by "use just the ID numbers of the analyzed object two feedback the data"

Thanks again!

I would appreciate it if you could help me solve this. Thanks.


.....use just the ID numbers of the analyzed object too feedback the data.

Great thanks alot for your help! 

Hi, sorry for my english. I have a problem.

Ecotect calculate light on all version of my geometry at the same time.

Maybe somebody know how solve this problem?

see Reply by to] on December 26 ... 5 posts earlier 


I've created a Geco definition to calculate the sum of radiation that hits the floor over a time period taking into account a thin shell structure (labelled as "Roof 1" and "Roof 2" in the definition) and some "Adjacent Buildings" (as tagged in the definition). The floor is defined through a boundary, which is then converted into a fine mesh. 

Using a "Square Boundary" and "Roof 1" I get results that seem OK. But when using either "Roof 2" or "Curved Boundary" or both, these meshes are output blue and with no gradient at all. The results make no sense and give me the impression that something is not working alright. 

Attached is a zip file containing the definition, the weather file and the rhino file (which is not really necessary since I internalized the data).

Thank you all. 


sorry, it seems i missed that. Thx for Vincente for catching it. As a follow up for other users, this is the thing you should check first if you encounter weired calculation results. Quite easy in ecotect when you hit crtl+F9 to show the surface normals.


post by Toussaint Jimenez Rojas

I notice something, when i'm trying to achieve a shadows studies or a Shadow Contour i notice that there's no option to control the Scale of the Object that you are analyzing and that retive a wrong size shadow. im working with my model in Meter inside rhino, i need to change it to mm cuz Ecotect work on mm or what i'm doing wrong ? 

If you are working with geco your model has to be set to Meters in Rhino and has to be in real scale.

As shadows are vectors and always parallel the scale doesn’t matter. So shadows are not scale related. Can you maybe post an image so I can see what you mean?






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