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Hi everyone,


I made a wind-facade but somehow the louvre doesn't moves independently. I was wondering if it is possible to make the wind load non-uniform, e.g. generating the wind-load random as various single acting load with arbitrarily energy-tweaks? I am mean like when wind blowing over barley grass field...

any elegant idea?


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I think you need some kind of flow simulation for obtain wath you want..

I saw some project.. did you saw this artist?? ..check this link

very intresting..

Hi Piero,

thx for scharing it. the simulation you sent me shows how all 'springs' behaviours to each other: a relationship inside of a entire (subdivided) mesh!

the intention to simulate a nature acting panel like ned kahn its a matter of simulation, which require the non-uniform load as I mentioned about.

Hi Jon,

Did you figure out how to do the animated wind facade simulation? I am wondering whether you solve this problem, Thank u!






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