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What is the best orientation of buildings in hot and humid countries?

Hi,guys!I am dealing with my final year project and need to design the best orientation of buildings using grasshopper..anyone can help me??Thanks for ur help guys!

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Thank you,the article helps me a lot!

This is an Australian guide for home design. It is helpful in guiding you to consider the options for home orientation but it does depend on what your climate is.

This is another guide put out by QUT's Centre for Subtropical Design. It directly relates to your climate "hot and humid".

Those are guides on making static decisions for orientation. However if you wanted to use Grasshopper to do a parametric study on it you would need to provide a bit more information on how you wanted to proceed.

However if you read any of those guides you will see that David is correct, orientating your house to face the pool is clearly the superior architectural and engineering decision.

This is the buildings that i try to design. Where i can rotate all four buildings individually and rotate all the buildings simultaneously by rotating its platform. So which grasshopper components do i need to do this?

Michelle are they all rotating around the same axis?

they are going to rotate on their own axis if they are rotating individually.

if they are going to rotate simultaneously, they should rotate around the base axis.

so i hope i can design both rotations:individually and four together. Is it possible to do that?

Hi Michelle,

This is a very interesting subject. I'm eager to see it's development. As for your question, I've made a quick little definition for you to look at (see attached). I think you should be able to learn from it and push it further for your purpose.


Thanks nick!let's see whether things work =D

wow this really help me a lot nick!!Milliooooonnnnnssss THANKS!


You can create your building models in Grasshopper to connect to Ecotect via Geco. Terrain and surrounding factors such as hills and trees are part of your solar simulation in Ecotect. Geco connects Ecotect and Grasshopper to update your model when changes are made in Grasshopper.
In Ecotect/solar simulation software, set analysis to average daily for tropical climate such as Malaysia.

There are many configurations and sciences of building design, if you have have clear design parameter to start with, it will be helpful to yourself to define in Grasshopper.


from Kuala Lumpur ;) 

Thanks Agnes!If i encounter any problems regarding Ecotect can i refer to you?


I do not teach Ecotect in Grasshopper class, I worked with simulation applications teachers such as Ecotect as contents are related. You can find FAQs in Ecotect forum.

- Agnes
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 






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