algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I've run into an issue with WB, and no amount of cheating is able to fix it.
Here's a brief preview of what's going on:

The version of GH installed is 0.60059, and WeaverBird can't seem to find it. And it strangely says its looking for version 0.6.43/55.. but I know it for a fact that it worked with this before because I had it installed. Version 0.2 of Weaverbird still finds this Grasshopper.. so there's something fishy in here.

I am finally looking at having GH 0.70048 and 0.60059 live harmoniously together, which is no problem at all -- but asking for WeaverBird on both seems to be a bit of nightmare.

Giulio, I hope you're tuned in.



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It's better if you recreate this logic in some way that you understand. This is not a typical use of Wb, although it may be used.

Also, as mentioned in the other thread, this is a discussion from 7 years ago. You can ask question on discourse: or in the Wb subgroup.

You can still ask questions in the Weavebird subforum.






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