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Hi All.

I'm running into a problem with a part of a definition that I'm working on.

I have 2 parallel lines that i'm going to put lines in between much like a ladder. I don't want them to be equally spaced though, but be very close together at the top, then further apart towards the middle and very close together at the end again. My curves are arcs btw, if it makes a difference.

I was planning on dividing the lines and connecting the points to form the rungs, then use a graph mapper to effect the dispersion, but it's not working out like I expected. I've had good results with graph mapper before, but I haven't used it in conjunction with a line division and it's not really working like I'd expect as far as the divisions go.

Anyone know if this will work? Seems like it should. If anyone has any ideas they want to show me a screenshot would probably work better than a file since my Rhino is old and I'm on GH 0.9.0014


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Providing a file as a starting point for others to hlep might be a good idea...

Anyway, this should do the trick about the curves division.

Btw.: current GH is 0.9.0014, so don't worry ;)



I was making it much more complicated than it needed to be. I probably do that a lot. Sometimes I power through it, other times it just doesn't work.

Thanks a lot.

any reason why this file isn't opening...I am getting a read/write error which says:

(running GH 0.9.0012)

(message log start [highlighted in red])

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object."


...the ladder solution might solve my problem as well, thats why I ask.  

I gave up on trying to fix those errors.

Here is a screenshot of the definition.

Thanks so much for this!

I wanted to do basically the same but was trying to use the shatter command but it wasn't working the way I wanted, I've now amended to get what I want... see below, Thanks!





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