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Hello everyone,

some years have passed since I last started a thread on this forum out of my free will.
Sure, I am always glad to help and reply on behalf of McNeel but this time it is me asking you -- maybe someone here knows. This brings back fond memories of the beginning of this forum, when I was not yet working for McNeel and busy experimenting and writing WeaverBird. It is now over three years ago.

So, I am considering writing a short article on a magazine about this tool and I am looking for anyone who used WeaverBird on a project that has concreted itself. There are no requirements for the project. It does not need to be large or expensive to be interesting, but it would be better if it was built.

If you worked on a project like this, or know someone who did, I would be grateful to hear about it. The publication would certainly mention your work and your name as well. If you prefer, please feel free to send an email to my personal email address (mail at or send a private message.


Giulio Piacentino

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I dont have any project, but I have some request : please tell us later where to read your article :)

Hopefully someone posts something bigger, but if this inflatable thing counts as built, it used WeaverBird extensively.

I was asked to make a GH definition that generated a 3d model that looked like the plaster models but allowing better control of the final geometry (the golden ones at the bottom are renderings of the 3d model, the colored ones are plaster).

Weaverbird was used to extract and manipulate mesh data for Kangaroo and to smoothen the final mesh with Loop subdivision. The resulting model was then used to generate the pieces of the inflatable.

Thanks for posting this Vicente, it's great.

i used weavbird for this project i can send you more information i you want

Thank you very much Jan: I like the project a lot; but... is it built?

Hi Giullio,

I am using WeaverBird but maybe not for your intention.

If I have model with so many sharp edges but want to render without filleting.

There are some technique, like using displacement, but as far as my experiments, following process is the most productive.

1)Change Brep with to polygons with Mesh setting component.

2)Loosen polygon with using Weaberbird's Laplacian Smoothing.

  If it's like a bottel without thickness, use Weaberbird's Mesh Thinken at first then Mesh smoothing.

Then render polygons, it's very useful for quick rendering without filleting.

I will send render image later. 

Thanks a lot for your job.

Thank you, Atsuo.

Hi Giulio!

I'm doing for my Final Work Master a study about prognosis morphogenetic strategies about the possibility of an island (Kavachi volcano, Solomon Islands).I'm using WB to model the magmatic island. I leave here some information:

Kavachi Volcano

Hello Giulio!

For our cluster project at SG2012 I think we ended up using WeaverBird a bit in our final definition. Right now I'm unable to confirm this but as soon as I get my hands on my workstation I'll tell you. Either way we used WeaverBird in the earlier stages of development whereas Weaverbird's Laplacian Smoothing became really useful.

//Oliver :-]


By using WaverBird I have designed an earrings which I printed in 3D. A pair in different materials and colors can be purchased online! You can find more about the project at

Once again thank you very much for developing waverbird, it brings amazing functionality to Rhino !! Using waverbird apart from the creative experiments I'm also able to precisely smooth and refine any mesh geometry inside Rhino!

Wish you good luck very much!

Hi I have my school project from last semestr

if you like more ask please

Hello Petr, i'm trying to achieve something similar, where i can wrap a mesh around an organic building form. If you could please your definition here it would be really helpful.


awaiting reply.






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