algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I am trying to make a definition to produce a shell out of individual boxes.

There for I populated a surface via boxmorph. Now I`m trying to unfold these boxes via an unfold-script to cut them out of paper. This is necessary, because these surfaces of the boxes are double curved. The problem is that the points of the unfolded polygons in the unfolded situation have a different order. I don´t know how to change this order in the scipt. In the next steps of the definition it is important to have the same order, because I
would like to orient the unfolded surfaces in their right cutting position.

It would be really helpful if someone could help me to get the right order of the points in the script.

Thank you in advance

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Where is your unroll script from?
Hi Taz,
i think it is from here:, but i´m not completely sure.
No, sorry i got the script from this site:
Thank you Taz for the interesting posts.

I had a look at the definitions, but they work quite different.
My old unrollscript just works with surfaces. The only problem that i have is that the vertices of the faces change their order in the scipt. I thought the easiest way to solve this problem is to chance the order in the script.
But maybe it is too difficult.
In an other example the unroll-script worked perfectly, see attached file.
I think there is the need to make some changes in rotation part of the scipt.
It would be really nice if someone could give me a hint how to fix the script, that each unrolled surface has the same orientation.
It seems to be not such an easy task to keep the uv order from the original surface in the unfold-script. But if there is a way, i think this script could be really handy. So if someone has an idea how to do that i would love to get some help to do that! At this point it is impossible to work further with the unfolded surfaces because each surface has an other uv direction.
I´m curious
I was playing with it over the weekend and have it nearly working, but I must have missed something in translating to Rhinocommon because it seems to project the geometry instead of unroll now. Not an easy script to decipher. Will have another look at it soon.
Or, try for yourself. The 'v_div' parameter should be one of the integers with which you divided your base surface.

Here it is. Working correctly now.

Hey Daniel,
thank you for your great work especially for the spacing feature. It is a nice improvement of the script.
But the order problem still exists so far. I tried to select individual items of the unrolled geometry and they all had a different order (see attached images). I can´t make any suggestions to solve this problem because I know only some few things of VB-scripting.






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