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Hello again,


I am having a problem trying to adjust a set of data. Basically I need two data sets two talk to eachother however they are in different formats. Can someone have a look at the JPG below and explain to me why these things have been happening?


I understand why this isnt working, but I dont know how to change the formats of the data sets.


Once again, thanks to anyone who takes the time to answer you have been all a great help and I hope to publish my final GH File fully annotated as a learning tool to beginners like myself.



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Your first list - the ellipses - is in a "tree" structure, with each item in its own list or "branch". The second list is "flat," meaning it only exists in a single branch. There are two ways to reconcile them: 1. "flatten" the first list, so that it reduces to a single branch, or 2. "graft" the second list, so that it puts each item into its own branch. There are specialized "graft" and "flatten" components, or you can simply right-click the relevant inputs or outputs and select "graft" or "flatten" to modify the data structure.


Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot, I have been struggling to understand the specifics of how information is managed.






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