algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello all,

New here and just discovering the program. Especially managing the data streams seems quite difficult.

I managed to create a triangular truss but I'm wondering: Can it be done easier, do I make redundant steps or is this just the way to parametric model a triangular truss.

Because I've just copied a step two times to create 3 sides of the truss. I can imagine there is a way to do this in one step.

Let me know! Because a would love to know how to model efficient.

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I couldn't simplify your file a lot, it does seem like you might have to repeat the zig-zag logic three times. I'm sure there's some arcane incantation you can use, but I can't think of it.


Thanks David, I was wondering: isn't it weird that I use a tree explode? My first try started with a polygon on the endpoints, when changing from three to four (square beam) I had to copy (a part of) the definition (not very flexible) is there a way to work around this problem?

Or is it very hard and preferable to specify (as I did) and make a model which only creates a triangle?

H(o)i Marc,
here's my two cents. The idea is that you create only one 'zigzag' and map that to the surfaces that make the sides of the extruded polygon.


Ah of course! I rejected using a rotation transform since the triangle might have three different sides, but a rectangle mapping is indeed the way to go.

Thanks Pieter, really interesting approach, learned a lot!

It is so helpfull to see you both (David and Pieter) creating the same structure using other components in grasshopper. Now I know a few more components and how to apply them in my 'workflow'.

Thanks Pieter! ... I like appreciate your very thoughtful Two Cents input,  :)

BIG p.s. It drives me crazy; why reply's don't end up where they are supposed to. Why do reply's get posted at the end of the thread.... this makes NO SENSE! Can't this be fixed, NO other Forum I belong to does this   :(

Yikes! my mistake! , its the subtle indenting that's visually confusing. Is there a pill for that?  






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