algorithmic modeling for Rhino

We are working to combine the discussions about Rhino/Grasshopper and our development tools into one platform. 

This forum will be closed to any posts as of 11/22/2017.  The new forum is located at:

Please start to post your questions there now.  We hope the new forum engine will make it easier to get your questions answered.

This old forum will be kept around for reference only after 11-22.

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this is great and bitter news at the same time. i am sure i am not gonna miss all the ning misbehavior, but we had some great time and discussions here. Something to miss over at discourse, is the lack of analytic user profiles like here, where users share images videos etc. Haven't dived into discourse yet, might be possible there too, but from a quick look user profiles seem to be very minimal.

well anyway this is a goodbye to ning and lets wish a good fresh start.



Yes, I agree with you. The value of user profiles and sharing of projects is very important.

We will keep Ning open and functioning as is with the Galleries and profiles, but we will simply be moving the forums.  Access to the forum feed and links to the new forum will show up here when we move.

We continue to think about the profile/community aspects of Ning as we shape where we need to go with new web technology.

Hi Scott, 

What about groups? Will they also remain at NING? As you know many of us manage trouble shooting and update announcements for our plugins via plugin groups. I'm not too familiar with discourse, I notice there are groups there but do non McNeel users have access to creating a group for their plugin?

I second this.
How will groups at discourse be organized?

Ning groups have been one of the vital aspects of this forum, enabling tens of developers to easily communicate with their plugin users. And as Mike and other users mentioned, this feature has been done quite good by Ning.
Will new grasshopper forum simply use regular discourse categories instead of groups?

Do each group "founder" have to be given specific privileges by McNeel employees in order to create/manage a group?

(sorry for repeating basically the same question, but I think having an answer to this is very important)

Right now Groups are staying here with no change.  

We have some ideas on how to make groups work better, but it involves many different technologies we have in the works, so I cannot predict yet if we can make any improvements yet to group support.  I am trying to find out internally what is possible.

Thank you for the reply Scott.

If I understood your reply correctly: users won't be able to post on Grasshopper forum (or their new topics will be deleted?) after 22.11.2017, but posting in Groups will be allowed?

ok great!

thank you

Totally agree. Both a bummer and good news.

In the long run, it's really good. Although the transition may sting, Discourse is simply a better platform for knowledge exchange through question/answer; it's less buggy, cleaner, better to tag/search, and also more fully integrated with other McNeel forums. Keeping this forum as a reference is of course essential, as the content on this remains the single best resource for historical knowledge, and it will be essential to link back here for continuity; but it can be better, and Discourse ultimately is.

Like Michael, I do hope that there is some kind of support system set up especially for groups and Grasshopper plug-in developers who rely on them to disseminate and manage their contributions to the community.

It also would be great to set up a proper gallery there as well. It looks like Discourse has had some gallery plug-ins in the past, but it appears that it would take some doing to get one integrated.

If these features could somehow be added, it would go a long way to helping maintain the collaborative spirit that has animated the Grasshopper community these past years.

Gallery and groups are crucial for this forum to work. Daily dose of inspirations (and swag when you're the poster), simply by showing a couple of pictures on the main site. When it comes to groups, my biggest hope is to somehow be able to preserve Milkbox and all its internals as a living group - it's an effort of a lot of people contributing over there.

Gallery and groups are staying as is right now.  The Forums will continue to feed into these pages.

noooo :,,,,,,(

Hooray! The transition will probably suck / hurt a little - but it will be SO WORTH IT






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