algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This forum has moved and is now closed to new threads.

We are working to combine the discussions about Rhino/Grasshopper and our development tools into one platform. 

This forum is closed to any new posts as of 11/22/2017.  The new forum is located at:

Please start to post your questions there now.  We hope the new forum engine will make it easier to get your questions answered.

This old forum will be kept around for reference only after 11-22.

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I see that the link to 'Talk | Discussion Forum' has been redirected to the forum: 

My bookmark still goes to the /listForCategory page at Ning and I can still reply to posts there.  Haven't tried to create a new thread (and won't).  But the sidebar Google "Search Grasshopper" feature still works to find old posts and replies are still possible from there.  Quirky.

They said this page will still remain active as is. The only difference is you can no longer add new discussion posts (forum). You can still reply on past posts. Also Photo, video, groups, blogs, and messaging all function as it did. 

Yup, all new blog posts and forum discussions must now be approved by an admin. This option results in the least amount of disruption we could choose for the time being.

... could the new forum please adopt the layout of the original one?!
It is one of the main characteristics of grasshopper to have a user-friendly graphical surface, isn't it?

This is so disheartening. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing grasshopper develop over the years and it made my life so much richer. I felt this forum was a true representation of emergence. So many ideas developed as a by product of this forum. So much inspiration could be gleaned from perusing over the various content. It's so sad to see it go. I am sorry to say but I took one look at the new forum and just looked away. It doesn't look conducive to sharing and growth. Hopefully all the previous capabilities will be expanded upon rather than limited in the not too distant future. 

I think we all felt the same but after using the new forum for some months now I will say it is actually better (except for the gallery). Help is much easier to get there and conversations are much easier to follow and search. 

Hi guys.
Is there any hope that someone in the upper floors is re-evaluating to come back to this forum?

The new one is very less usable... it is dispersive, not user friendly and generally a mess for the eyes.
Every search i do related to grasshopper have results pointing here.
It was really an ugly and unlucky decision that time.

The feeling is like the developing is stopped, google now give results pointing to a dead forum.

I'm confused... this place seemed to get locked down and now there are new posts and regular new photos and videos?







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