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Is there any component in grasshopper similar to the "Text Object" and "FLOW"command in Rhino?

I would like to bend a text parametrically.


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"Peacock" plug-in has a similar feature of user object(Text by Curve). You should extrude the result after using Text by curve of course..



How can change the font?

There is nothing to change here.


That's It!

Thanks Bro. 

Squid and Human contain a component which lists all installed fonts

But I couldn't find anything like "Flow" command in Rhino.

Peacock is very similar but there is a matter in this case.

Its about " RIGID " sub command in "fLOW" command in Rhino .

This function is not there in Peacock. and I asked Daniel to give me any suggestion about it. 

Peacock's Flow uses what RhinoCommon provides.

Rhino's Flow seems to have one more option, but it is feasible with native components, since it is only changing the orientation and position. If you show us the result you want to obtain from the geometry that you have, many of us can show you how to do it in gh.

On the other hand, in principle you should not need to use the Flow method, since TextByCurve already does this if you give the appropriate parameters (activates the option to preserve structure to maintain the original form).

I have no doubt about your abilities.Please check the file below...



I will add this option for following versions.


Flow is also in this plugin

If you install Rhino 6/WIP/Serengeti you will have acess natively to flow command in GH 1.00x ... without installing Jackalope

Yes good idea and It works.

But jackalope works with kind of trouble, Peacock is better if Daniel make it more functional.

jackalope is a perfect plugin also and I use it.

Thank you friends.






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