algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello  everyone, 

I am a very new to this program and I am trying to create a facade with tetragonal trapezohedron elements. 

I am trying to make first the shape, then the mesh ( I guess)...

So basically I need the shapes to create a facade. 

I attached a few image that might show my idea more clearly. 

It would be very very very helpful to me if someone could help! 

Thank you, 


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Well ...

... I would suggest (based on your 2nd sketch) this approach.

See notes (especially with regard the pathetic offset thingy).

Used some small C# for optionally transposing the target surface (but that's the 1% of the definition that's carried over 99% by native GH components).

This approach is purely indicative mind


No need of Grasshopper to make your first element. You can do them with Rhino. If you want them paramatric why not, but it is best that you bring a definition of what you want.

For the second image did you looke at that ?

I had to look up " tetragonal trapezohedron".  Fascinating shapes!  I stumbled through two false starts before coming up with a working model.  The number of sides is a parameter.

I was about to make a cluster out of it when I decided to try some test scenarios.  Then I struggled and failed (so far) to handle more than one reference plane at a time. :(  Data trees... grrr.


I struggled and failed (so far) to handle more than one reference plane at a time.

Instead of beating my head against the wall any further with GH data trees, I wanted to move on and explore the second part of this puzzle, Voronoi³.  The single trapezohedron being generated can be arrayed, oriented or rotated any number of ways to get multiple copies.  So I clustered it as is:

I can already see several other ways you might want to define a trapezohedron such as specifying the angle of the "kite" sides or fixed distance between the top and bottom apex points instead of a vertical offset value for the points as I'm doing now.

Not sure how much more I want to play with this but the results can be very interesting.







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