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hi I used t splines to model a smooth surface , I want to panel this tsplines surface with lunch box tool , unfortunately , the tspline surface is turned into a poly surfaces with undesired segments when i introduced it to grasshopper , which will affect the method of lunchbox paneling , also the same problem occurred when i tried to use tsplines grasshopper component or when i have converted the tspline surface into a mesh . is there any way to make grasshopper read that surface as one unite surface in order to have a uniformed cohesive lunch box paneling , thanks for your help . regards

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A T-Splines surface in fact is not a single surface. It's a watertight smooth nurbs solid, that consists of a bunch of NURBS surfaces. T-Splines just keeps track of continuity for you.

On the other hand, if your surface is simple and has a quad layout, you can manually rebuild it with a single NURBS surface. If not, you(Lunchbox) would have a hard time defining a UV paneling coordinate system anyway.

thank you Hannes ..I will try another Approach 

where did you get a grasshopper plug-in for T-Splines... I haven't been able to find one

Hi Jason.
T-Splines 4 version

T-Splines 3 version

T-Splines 2 version.

Bear in mind not all of T-spline's functionalities have been ported. Just a few basic components.

Hi djordje,

v3 is very quirky and v4 has "some" bugs.

other than that ... well I have a feeling that using properly  (meaning TS surfaces worth their name) TS could result a permanent residence into the rabbit hole (many entries, no exit, sorry).

Tip: I would strongly suggest to use Maya.

he he

Had some stupid (as usual) ideas ... but finally ... I declare defeat (within Rhino/GH  environment :  adios amigos). It's the dreadful situation in surface modelers (myself I'm in the solid modeling bandwagon, truth to be said) when you have to work(???) with "stitched" nurbs (= a polysurface in Rhino).

I have no idea if even Daniel (the K man) can handle this.

From TSplines next generation thinking/modeling:

To previous century rabbit hole:

Moral: Seppuku

Hi Peter,

Could you let me know where I can find that "BrepToSurf" ?

Thank you in advance,

It's a custom component that he scripted using the C# component

Thanks so much!!

Hi Djordje,

can you tell me is the grasshopper t-spline plugin in the T-Splines 4 version package included or should I look somewhere else to find it...?!

Hi Youlian,
As far as I remember it is not, and you had to download it separately from the upper link. If I remember correctly though. The issue is that, the forum has been shut down.
But try downloading the Rhino 5 plugin. Maybe somehow it does contain the grasshopper components as well.






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