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Hello everyone,

I am trying to convert this surface into a Mesh with uniform quad faces but I couldn't get a good result by using mesh command in rhino .... I have tried weaverbird but I didn't get the result I am looking for ... 

Does anyone know how to do it ?


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There's no way that shape can be approximated with uniform quads. Could you draw (by hand) the sort of quad distribution you're after?


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Thank you for your reply David. I am trying to convert this surface in to a mesh ... By uniform quad I mean not exactly uniform ... I mean planar rectangular (If possible) quads

I am not sure I understand you either.
The quads do not need to be regular (square faces)?
If that is so, then you could only have the triangular faces (you can not have only quads without triangles) at those sharp edges of the surfaces. The rest could be covered in quad faces:

The main thing is to recreate your surface in Rhino. You could try to extract the Wireframe of the original surface, and then use those new curves to recreate the new one (NetworkSrf command). Input that surface into the above grasshopper "surface" parameter.


Thank you so much, Really appreciate it !

Just to mention, the mesh from points is from UTO's mesh edit analysis tools plugin.

But it has been implemented into the latest Grasshopper components lists.
So no need to install the [uto]'s plugin.

Nope, its tricky, utos tools blend in well. I know because I didnt have them installed on my work pc and got the error that I did not have the plugin in my machine when I opened your file.

You can replace the two components with the mesh from srf component. It should achieve the same thing.

SORRY- how may I download any of the gh files from this website? new to website, so want to see what you referring to in gh?

thank you

Hi guys I coming back on this discussion because the problems seems similar to mine. I'm actually trying to get a nice quad mesh of specific patch surface in order to avoid some triangle irregularities with the component berp to mesh.

I've been stuck for quite a while on how to generate a nice mesh that would follow the surface's curvature.

Thanks in advance


PS: Here's some picture of what I'm talking about and the GH files of the surface's definition


Hi, I have the EXACT same problem as you. may you please tell me what you manage to do in order to sort out this issue? 







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