algorithmic modeling for Rhino

New to Rhino and Grasshopper so this question may seem naive to some of you.


How can I turn a Surface using surface offset into a solid?  I know it can be done in Rhino, just trying to figure out how to do it in grasshopper.


Thank you.

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I mean if you really want to get technical yours is wrong. You should graft also the distance in your cluster. Currently it doesn't follow the standard longest list rules. So it doesn't let you do a different height per surface.

So I fixed it here

So yes, let's watch those data trees ;)


Here is a C# version (rhino common has a nice method for this) it can do multiple surfaces, multiple distances, can do both sides, & solid.


Not interested in C# solutions, thanks anyway.  It can be done with standard components.

...Or a single line of C# (which doesn't have the issue of forgetting to graft in a cluster)

Wrong forum Michael.

How so? If you are going to make a cluster (and do it incorrectly) why not just write the one line of code as a component (cluster vs script component, whats the difference besides being much faster). Also, this forum is called general so all responses are acceptable and the user can choose to use what they like. Now all options are available.  

Thanks for providing so many options for one problem! You work is much appreciated...other guys is simply being a dick at this point

Also, your C# version was the only one that worked for my problem! Thanks!






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