algorithmic modeling for Rhino

New to Rhino and Grasshopper so this question may seem naive to some of you.


How can I turn a Surface using surface offset into a solid?  I know it can be done in Rhino, just trying to figure out how to do it in grasshopper.


Thank you.

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With what command exactly?

there's an app for rhino called peacock, there's a component called "surface offset solid" try that?
i'm a newbie, so i dont have much knowledge as of now. but i hope it helps


By the way, this cluster lofts edges so it will handle surfaces with holes:


Awesome, i've been looking for over a week to get this done. Thanks a lot!

Alternatively with wireframe.

Post the code please?

Weird. Thought I did. Prolly hit Add Reply too soon. Anyway here it is.


Cool but it fails to handle a list of surfaces?

Sorry, I am in C# brain mode where things like that would loop. Here is for multi. However it is not any more beneficial than what you are already doing, just providing another option. 


I'm not trying to be a pain but your code fails when the input has branches (or is just grafted) - gotta watch those data trees!

Well. Gh defs aren't really supposed to cover every case. Usually you make the def for what you know you need to do. I didn't see anyone ask for it to work like that. In the case of working for all cases better to just script it.






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